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Based on the School of Life, Gno*U offers Systems for self-study of universal Truths, habitats for harmonious living, and practical tools to achieve peace, joy and happiness:

  • Study Your Self to know what’s real, what’s right and what’s required right now.
  • Seek Your Symbiosis with your environment, others and the natural world.
  • Serve Your Self and your Best Self will make the world a better place through you.

GnoUsys supports individuals and groups on the journey of all true human beings:

  1. To be who we can be (who we were born to be; what we came here to be).
  2. Enable our Highest Self to be our guide and best defense against the external ordeals and internal psychological elements undermining our physical and mental well-being.

It’s a fact. There simply aren’t enough counselors in the world, hours in the day, dollars in the bank or resources squirreled away to alleviate the stress, anxiety, depression and myriad other mental health crises escalating in our schools, workplaces, institutions and homes—let alone on the streets.

Gno*U Systems are cost-effective and available for high schools, universities and other “at-risk” communities—including indigenous populations, minority groups and organizations, institutions and commercial enterprises, even religious congregations and spiritual groups. Gno*U Systems supports self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-reliance: the timeless universal cornerstones of psychological resilience, emotional intelligence, mental acuity, creativity and ingenuity, and all human achievement.

Without self-knowledge, we face nothing but heartache and hardship. With self-knowledge, we we become truly empowered to not only protect ourselves and survive the many ordeals we face, but empower ourselves and thrive as we overcome those ordeals and become better persons for having gone through the fire.

Explore which Gno*U Systems are right for you and/or your organization, and Contact GnoUsys to learn more and/or a free consultation.

This is the foundation and prerequisite of all other gnoUsys courses. The course is primarily an exploration of human psychology (as the foundation of all human experience and understanding) free of the biases and limitations of contemporary materialist science and medicine. However, the course does not ignore contemporary beliefs about psychology and the brain. On the contrary, it reveals their shortcomings and limitations, and offers students a practical process to move beyond those limitations, without abandoning conventional understanding and treatments.

Students should come prepared to have their “minds blown,” as long-held assumptions and fundamentally flawed intellectual dogma are deconstructed, not intellectually nor theoretically, but PRACTICALLY via experiential and interactive self-discovery.

Through a process of direct observation and objective analysis, you will learn how to:

  • Lift the curtain on the inner workings of your psychology using clear analogies and contemporary models as a framework for your own self-exploration & self-discovery.
    • Observe each of the three brains and five centres of your human machine (simply expressed as mind, heart, and body).
    • Identify and comprehend the workings of your conscious, sub-conscious and infra-conscious mind.
    • Recognize the misconceptions surrounding the nature and function of the mind in light of your own direct experience of yourself.
    • Be aware of the causes of all mental anguish, hypnosis and ignorance.
    • Identify the causes of suffering and the process of freeing yourself from them.
    • Recognize genuine knowledge, insights and intuition versus illusory knowledge.
    • Be aware of the terribly seductive secret power of beliefs and how they enslave us.
  • Clearly see why the world “out there” is the way it is—political systems, struggles, cultures, religions, economics, academics, entertainment, even computers and A.I.
    • Make peace with the world “out there” and the world “in here” as the first step to healing, growth and self-actualization of your highest potential and greatest good.
  • Develop a clear approach to comprehending the nature of self and all phenomenon without subjective bias nor mental barriers to objective knowledge.
    • Actually know instead of thinking you know (know the Truth instead of believing the theories and opinions of your own and those of others).
  • Become a True Human Being as opposed to a “human doing.”
    • Gain peace and freedom from embracing your Highest, Best Self’s potential.

We envision a world where every living being has access to a sanctuary...a space which is tuned to the perennial rhythms of the natural world...a space in which all beings can live life attuned to their own innate optimal rhythm, even in the wake of interference from the outside world.

Our Mission is to create sanctuaries in which human beings and nature live in mutual harmony and symbiosis, creating optimal conditions for inspiring dreams, achieving goals and arriving at intended destinations in life.

PeapodLife’s BEST Community Concept creates Advanced Human Habitat based on the principles of cooperation, resilience and excellence present in all high-order ecosystems. This approach ensures more than just a positive impact on the environment, but also its occupants and the community: supporting positive social, cultural, environmental, economic, mental and physical wellness.

Beautiful in its simplicity, any number of relatively inexpensive-to-manufacture and easy-to-ship container home “Life-pods” are arranged around a central “Ecodome” containing a high-order ecosystem.

The cluster sits atop a floating platform resilient to seismic activity and flooding. Pods generate electricity and exchange atmosphere and water with the Ecodome—which filters water and air in addition to producing oxygen and food.

YouMethod is a simple, free to use, private and secure e-journal and self-analysis tool which uses sophisticated algorithms to help users unearth the mysteries of their psychology, unburden them from what weighs heavily on their mind, and unravel the limits to their potential. With available training and applied use, YouMethod helps individuals develop their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and increase their practical self-knowledge. In cases of serious emotional distress and mental illness, YouMethod offers at-risk youth, adults and their professional caregivers another tool in coping with the psychological challenges of everyday life complete with the possibility of on-demand “call for help” intervention capabilities.

YouMethod provides users, professionals, institutions, organizations, non-profits and governments access to anonymous aggregate data ONLY on an opt-in basiscollected from consenting users in its database primarily so that users can know they are not alone in their struggles. Secondly, that educators, managers, mental health professionals and policy makers, can have a better picture of overall psychological well-being of their people. By spotting trends and tracking changes overtime, they can craft better mental well-being strategies and see how their efforts are impacting the lives of students, employees, members, patients and citizens.

YouMethod and its affiliated partner Gno*U Systems offer training to institutions and organizations of all types and sizes on how best to apply YouMethod both on an individual and organization-wide level. With a focus on practical applied knowledge and EQ, YouMethod training gives users and organizations the essential foundation necessary to truly get the most out of YouMethod. Unlike other technologies which promise miracles with very little effort, YouMethod is 100% honest, transparent and grounded in the ultimate reality of cause and effect (GIGO, you reap what you sow, conservation of energy, et al). Yes, YouMethod does require some effort. Let us show you how to get the most from the effort you put in. A little training goes a long way.

Mental Health and suicide rates on campus pose a huge challenge for students and administrators alike. YouMethod offers Universities the Ultimate Methodology to empower students and the school itself with a self-awareness platform, complete with safe, secure, structured emotional intelligence journaling, insights and group analytics.

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